Contract Negotiations

ConferenceDirect associates  negotiate more than 11,000 contracts every year, giving us  tremendous insight into the economics of the meetings industry… insight  we use to negotiate the most favorable terms possible for our clients.

When  it comes time to negotiate meetings and event-related contracts, you  want experienced professionals representing your interests. With an  average of ten years experience in the hospitality industry,  ConferenceDirect Associates are well trained and prepared for sharp  contract negotiations. We take into account both the “hard dollar”  meeting costs as well as the many hidden risks clients face when  negotiating a hotel contract.

There are more than 60 negotiable terms in a hotel contract that can  cost your company a great deal if not handled correctly. We understand  every detail in these contracts and know what to look for. We anticipate  problems and help protect our clients against these potentially costly  and often overlooked details.

Without favor or bias, we facilitate the bidding process between  interested venues, and negotiate the final contracts detailing all space  requirements, rates, concessions, and risk-associated clauses. We have  pre-negotiated contracts with many of the largest hotel groups.  Client-friendly features include:

  • No add-on clause
  • Favorable attrition clause
  • Pre and post group room rates
  • Group rates available after cut-off dates
  • Special client-friendly cancellation terms