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AESI Services

  • Operations Management
  • Records Maintenance
  • Board of Directors, Committee and Project Management
  • Budgeting, Banking and Merchant Services
  • Membership Management
  • Website Development and Administration
  • Communications and Marketing Services 
  • Meeting and Conference Management
  • Continuing Education, Certification and Accreditation  Program Management

What we offer

Operations Management

Our experienced staff can manage the day-to-day operations of your association. 

Records Maintenance

AESI not only provides computerized data maintenance, backup and off property storage, but hard copy storage of records, files, and supplies in our off-site, climate-controlled warehouse. 

Board of Directors, Committee and Project Management

We believe that an association's Board of Directors should lead, set policy and make all vital strategic decisions before any administrative action is taken. Our role is to serve as an advisor and implement the decisions of the organization’s leadership. Our staff can assist you with:

  • Board meeting and teleconference scheduling and notification, and management of required follow-up tasks
  • Board travel and accommodations management
  • Transcription and distribution of meeting minutes
  • Action agendas with specific responsibilities assigned to enhance accountability
  • Committee oversight, including project status and progress reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Strategic planning
  • Representation at national meetings

Budgeting, Banking and Merchant Services

Our executive staff can assist in developing and maintaining an annual budget according to the requirements of your association. Additionally, we provide: 

  • Financial management 
  • Detailed financial reporting
  • Accounts receivable and payable
  • Bank statement reconciliation
  • Coordination with outside firm for tax preparation and/or annual audit

Membership Management

AESI uses economies of scale to efficiently utilize the latest and top of the line software available for managing associations. Attention to detail, accuracy, and data integrity is foremost in our development of:

  • Membership database design and maintenance 
  • Dues administration and billing
  • Detailed reporting based on membership criteria 
  • Membership processing and on-going communications 
  • Member mailing management 
  • Prospect list management

Website Development and Administration

AESI has been helping organizations manage information and communicate with clients and staff using the Internet since 1994. Using new technologies to enable fresh opportunities, we have created a track record of successes. Capabilities encompass all phases of Internet and intranet systems integration with special emphasis on TCP/IP networking and database systems. 

Communications and Marketing Services

An association’s communications represent the image of the organization to both members and prospective members. Our in-house design, print and production services include:

  • Membership brochures and flyers 
  • Newsletters
  • Meeting announcements
  • Specialty invitations
  • Membership directories 
  • Member benefits program administration
  • Call for nominations and board ballots 
  • Annual or Anniversary Date membership invoices 
  • Membership surveys 
  • Contacting and providing membership information to      association members, meeting and conference attendees, and prospective      members
  • Conducting promotional mailings on behalf of the association
  • Planning and staffing of membership booth at      conferences

Meeting/Conference Management

Like communications, programming provides a direct impression of the organization. Our meeting support offerings include: 

  • Site selection & negotiation 
  • Contract review & execution
  • Budgeting, banking and merchant services
  • Supplier acquisition 
  • Committee Communications 
  • Agenda development & management 
  • Entertainment/Keynote speaker procurement 
  • Conference marketing
  • Exhibit sales, registration & management 
  • Project scheduling 
  • General session production 
  • Special events and affinity programs
  • Signage / banners 
  • Coordination of new member orientation programs
  • Registration services 
  • VIP Hospitality
  • On-site staffing requirements 
  • On-site conference implementation
  • Conference evaluation 

Continuing Education, Certification and Accreditation Management

For industries subject to licensing requirements, meeting the continuing education needs of program or course participants is a top priority. Providing education is only the beginning when licensing equates to the ability to practice a chosen profession. Accuracy, responsiveness and accountability are paramount in successful educational management. AESI specializes in:

  • Insurance Department, CFP® Board of Standards, CPA Society      and State Bar course and instructor approval
  • Credit hour reporting compliance
  • Records maintenance as required by regulatory      authorities
  • Certification program administration
  • Accreditation program management